2017 WRITE: PEOPLE: Jane, Plain Jane: Part 7 No Dragons

  Jane, Plain Jane:  Part 7 No DragonsThe writers group at Nara’s Nook has started a learning and production project using the guide book  “The 90-day novel,” by Alan Watt.  To contribute to the project without spending the time on a novel, I am writing a short story or small play using some of the guidance from the book.  Writers meeting at Nara’s NookMy Name Is Jane. Plain Jane. Part 1Jane, Plain Jane: Part 2 Pack-manJane, Plain Jane. PART 3 ConfusedJane, Plain Jane: Part 4: Can’tJane, Plain Jane: Part 5, VomitJane, Plain Jane: Part 6 I can’t believe it!-The writing communities of virtual worlds: Nara’s NookHG Safari, week 119 Nara Nook, the writers colony on the hypergridUnderstoryArticles about writing on this blogThe writing communities of virtual worlds. What do they offer to writers?Blogging in virtual worlds. How to… SummaryThis is the kind of event that could work well in a web-worldHow writers could use a web-world. Meet in a minuteA proposal for a web-world to support nonprofits in virtual worlds-The writer’s meeting at Nara’s nook meets Mondays, 6 PM California time.Scroll to the end for instructions on how to get to the meeting.How writers could use a web-world. Meet in a minuteA proposal for a web-world to support nonprofits in virtual worlds*******************************************************************(More after the break, scroll down!)********************************************************************** Metaverse events, current and upcoming3D web-worlds of the browser (G+ community)Public service web-world by CybaLounge. Virtual worlders, this one is for usSinger Girl built a web-world.Infinite Metaverse Alliance, organization for the metaverse.Want to try Halcyon?  Infinite Metaverse Alliance test grid IMA on G+Javascript for beginnersLearn Javascript for programmersOSCC presentation videos availableCRASH! Site, the musical under development by people like usMal Burns: Inworld ReviewTry a browser-based virtual worldSelby’s daily news collection:  Virtual worlds are real   Virtual Outworlding news collection Events on the Hypergrid: HYPEventsEntertainment on the HypergridHYPERGRID EVENTSDestination guide: OpenSimWorldOpensim AAM Virtual PerformersWELCOME TO SEANCHAI LIBRARIESVirtual world G+ communities:  Communities virtual worlds G+MOSES software developmentIn a virtual world, your deodorant never fails.*****************************************Part 7 No Dragons “There aren’t any dragons out there.”   That’s what Hermione told me when I told her I was too scared to do it in front of an audience.  I had to tell her the truth on that.  I couldn’t think of any more excuses.  “No Dragons” doesn’t solve my problem.  I’m not scared of dragons.  I’ve killed thousands on my computer screen.  And dragons are imaginary.  Just made up in your mind.   Or on your computer.  I haven’t been scared of imaginary things since I was, maybe six or seven, or maybe eight.   That was when I killed the monster under my bed.   Yeah, you know I didn’t really kill anything.  I just got out of bed, turned on the lights, and crawled under there to confront the monster.  I was just a little scared then, but I was pretty sure there wasn’t any monster there. And I looked carefully before I crawled in.   There was nothing there but a dust bunny.  So I crawled in.  Right into the monster’s lair.   And I remember, I feel good about that.  I felt like I had banished him from under my bed.  I had taken over the place under my bed for my slippers.  And later for my light saber.   Funny I remember that so clearly.  And why did I think of that right now–oh yes, Hermione said there are no dragons out there.  Right.  No imaginary dragons.  And no monsters under the bed.  I’ve already dealt with those.  Maybe that’s why I liked to kill them on my computer screen.   I cut their guts out–that’s what they deserved for scaring me.  Okay dragons, you won’t scare me any more!  But those people out there in the audience are real.  Nothing imaginary about them.   I might screw it up and they would laugh at me.  Well, they’re supposed to laugh at me–or really at Beth, since it’s her line.  “Don’t focus on yourself,”  Hermione told me.  “Focus on those people in the back row.  Make sure they hear you.”*************Well I did it!   I took that leap of faith!  Well, tentatively, anyway.  I told Hermione I would try.  I will come to rehearsals.  “No, ” Hermione told me.  ‘Don’t try.  Do.  There is no try” Wow!  I remember that line.  I liked it then, but I didn’t really understand it till now.  Okay,  I will get up enough nerve to go onstage and do it in front of a live audience.   Hermione is my understudy and she says she will do it if I drop dead of a heart attack.  But I believe I can do it.  I guess the only way I could screw it up is to get really mousy and timid.  People don’t get mousy  and timid when they order at dinner.  Even I don’t do that.  I do have to make it louder on stage than I would normally do it ordering dinner.  Louder than most people would do it.  Except maybe Jason.  He is so loud ordering beer that everyone in the place can hear him.  Some times people look around when he orders beer.  Doesn’t bother him at all.  He may not even notice.  Not that he orders beer that often.  Some people in our Friday crowd think he doesn’t buy his share of the beer.  I started to think that, but then I realized that he doesn’t get paid that well in printing and mailing.  And the funny thing is everyone in the place knows I am supergeek.  Yes, he still calls me that, but it stopped bothering me.  He’s so dumb he thinks it’s a compliment.  And it didn’t do anything to me except get more people asking for help on their computers.   I don’t mind fixing computers.  It’s just like working jigsaw puzzles except I don’t have to buy puzzles.  So I sort of borrowed Jason’s voice the other day when I ordered beer.  And everybody in the place heard me and looked around.  Hermione noticed and nodded approval.  The funny thing was it didn’t bother me when everybody looked at me.  I guess

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