2017 WRITE: VID: Promo: Planning for a web report about virtual worlds

Planning for a web report about virtual worldsYes, this report is frankly promotion about virtual worlds and active communities in virtual worlds.  It will report on virtual world community activities in areas such as education, art, entertainment, theater/writing, travel, model-building,and disabilities.  The target audience includes people in the “real world” communities interested in these topics, especially those who can be reached in G+ communities, Facebook groups, and other social media outlets.Set for a talk show in CybaloungeI am planning a video web show, working title:  “The Web Report,”  The Web Report will have issues (sections) , such as Educators and Education in Virtual WorldsTravel in the Virtual Worlds.Entertainment in Virtual Worlds.Art in Virtual WorldsTheater and Writing in Virtual WorldsModel-building in virtual worldsPublic service organizations in virtual worldsDisabilities Left Behind in Virtual WorldsTo volunteer as an editor or content provider:Contact Selby Evans in Kitely or Thinkerer Melville in Second Life.Or drop into my web-office Cybalounge nonprofit zoneMy office times: 10:-10:30 California time, weekdays********************************************More after the break*************************************************Symetrelle Short Poetry Workshop, Tue 9/19, 7pm SLTThis week the Short Poetry Workshop presents the Symetrelle which is a 10 line poem with an unusual symmetrical rhyme scheme. So come down to the Short Poetry Library to learn, write and share the Symetrelle. East Cookie, Cookie (185, 121, 23)Shadow poetry resoucesMetaverse events, recent and upcoming Mal Burns: Inworld ReviewHypergrid Writer’s CommunityIMA BlogIMA locations3D web-worlds of the browser (G+ community)Selby’s daily news collection:  Virtual worlds are real   Virtual Outworlding news collection Events on the Hypergrid: HYPEventsDestination guide: OpenSimWorldHyperica, Directory of Opensimulator hypergrid destinationsWELCOME TO SEANCHAI LIBRARIESVirtual world G+ communities:  Communities virtual worlds G+**********************Planning for a web report about virtual worldsThe target audience is people in virtual worlds and people interested in the topics cited in the issue titles.  All of these topics have G+ communities (not specifically referencing virtual worlds) that might have people interested in what virtual worlds offer in connection with these topics.  I would like to have several editors for each issue/section.  They would get videos of appropriate content (not necessarily produce them, maybe find others willing to produce them).    The videos should be about 5 min. long and tell something about the people at the location.  That could be an interview with the builder(s) or a discussion/demonstration with some of the locals about how they use this place.Each issue/section would be introduced by a Talking Head show in a web-world*, featuring some of the people who have reason to be interested in the issue (editors and people in the topic). It could include conversations with people never in virtual worlds before.*   That would be followed by 8–10 videos captured in a virtual world and posted on YouTube (and accompanied by relevant text, such as web links and the region address).  The initial issues would be posted on my blog,  Later, we might look for other outlets.  The issues will be developed independently and will be published as content is developed.  I will welcome volunteers for the issues/topics listed above or with suggestions for additional issues. I hope in the future the issues can be published on a regular schedule.*Web-worlds are small virtual worlds reached in a browser (preferably Chrome).  No viewer or registration is needed in Cybalounge.  Voice is available, but we need a precheck because voice does not work with all versions of some browsers (except Chrome).   Since web-worlds require no special downloads, some of the people in the web-world part of the show would be (I hope) people with no virtual world experience but interested in finding out about virtual worlds.  **********************************************Visit my web-officeMy place: Cybalounge nonprofit zoneMy office times: 10:-10:30 California time, weekdays.  Chrome browser recommended.Don’t register.  Click the guest login button near the bottom of the page.You will choose a nickname and an avatar, then enter.Wait while the page loads.  A 3D world has more stuff than most web pages.Click on the scene to make it the focus of the browser.Walk forward by pressing the up-arrow key.  You can figure out how the other arrow keys work. To walk fast, hold down shift while you press the up-arrow key.To have a meeting walk to the chairs in front of you and click on the blue sphere.Click the mic (bottom line) to turn on voice.  Or type in the chat bar, bottom left.Chrome is most dependable for voice.  Others may work or not.  When you click on the mic, a panel will appear in the upper left, with names.If there is another person there, look for green parentheses next to names.People who have green parentheses by their names should hear each other talk.If you have talk problems, click Reset Voice.RelatedWeb-worlds in useIMA web-world gives a sample of virtual worlds. Join a meeting, talk to live people from the other side.IMA Community web site: Visit a web-world.Web-worlds in your browser: Visitor’s guideWeb-worldz.com  GeneralWhat is Cybalounge? Where is it going?User-built web-worlds are here. Do they have a business model?Browser-viewer, progress and possibilities: SummaryWeb-world: Marketing. Selling your product in 3 dimensionsArticles about web-worlds in this blogTutorials on building in CybaloungeHow to start building in Cybalounge, a roadmap for beginners Building: Textures, ColladasBuilding: Labels and signsNonprofit web-world message board. What can we do with it?Building: Simple Primitives for your web-worldBuilding: Coloring inside the prim linesWeb-worlds: Cybalounge building: location settingsBuilding. Combining primitivesBuilding: Gluing a compound object, cloning and moving itStoring and handling objects, including complex objects-Building in Cybalounge HTML page prim: Put the web in your web-worldOne limit established in my Cybalounge web-world: 8-12 web-pagesCybalounge build: put a video in your web-world**********************************************************************************LicenseOriginal text in this blog is CC By: unless specified public domainUse as you please with attribution: link to the original.All images without attribution in this blog are CC0: public domain.*********************************My web office: Cybalounge.Don’t register — enter as guest.  If you don’t see me:Click the pointed pushpin on the bottom line See if I am in Selby’s room.My office times:  Weekdays: 12: -12:30 Central time  (US) Maybe weekends, too.  Other times by appointment. Thinkerer Melville in Second Life, Selby Evans in KitelyA web page you can walk intoTry a browser-based virtual worldEntertainment in virtual worldsMal Burns: Inworld ReviewEntertainment on the HypergridOpensim AAM Virtual PerformersHYPERGRID EVENTSThe web

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