2017 WW: BIZ: User-built web-worlds are here. Do they have a business model?

User-built web-worlds are here.  Do they have a business model?Cybalounge has the basis of a service to support user-built web-worlds.  If there is enough demand for such worlds, a service like that could develop into a profitable business.  Here I consider the current status of user-built web-worlds and the services that might have commercial potential.Web-world for nonprofits and public service organizationsWeb-worlds Web-worlds are 3D worlds that can reach almost everyone who uses a browser.  They use HTML5 and WebGL (Web Graphics Library), both available on all modern browsers.   A web-world can be accessed in a low-cost laptop, a Chromebook, an Ipad or a tablet.Capabilities:  Easy access with low cost equipment that is widely available.   Security level of https.  Can import products made for current virtual worlds.  Quick and easy interaction with other people.  Can be embedded in other web pages.IMA web-world gives a sample of virtual worlds. Join a meeting, talk to live people from the other sideUser-built web-worldsHow to start building in Cybalounge, a roadmap for beginnersArticles about web-worlds in this blogBrowser-viewer, progress and possibilities: Summary*************************LimitationsLoad times increase with content and detail.Browsers limit memory space available.Limited content currently available.How will we use them?  In web sites, rather than grids.  But they may be hosted by aggregators.Browser clicks instead of teleports.  The worlds will be fitted to the web site interests.  Some will be stand-alone worlds, others will invite to full virtual worlds.  IMA web-world siteStand-alone worlds could have many mini-worlds, like floors in a buildingPossible stand-alone world services: Counsellors, life coaches, tutors.  These pages can have the security level of https and would require passwords.    Meetings, presentations, classes. Space demos: Houses, gardens, parks, buildings, hotel rooms, restaurants, cruise ships, Tourist locations.Events: music, one act plays, comedy, quiz shows (web audience participation).Web-worlds as introductions to full virtual worldsEducation: Orientation on the web, help with loading the viewer, direct link to the correct location in the virtual world. Separate worlds for each instructional unit.  Hobbies: rail, sail, ride (anything), race (anything), cars, video production: Miniworld offers sample.  The page may also carry videos and direct links to the relevant worlds.Art, multimedia, installation, curated: samples in the miniworld, videos, direct links to relevant webpages and virtual worlds.Theater and video production:  Short plays, conversations with directors, actors, videographers, auditions, table reads.  Videos on the web page, links to relevant web pages and virtual worlds.  Why would virtual-worlders want to build web-worlds?Promote and recruit for the projects they run in virtual worlds.Web-worlds are as accessible as any web page.They can offer illustrations and examples of virtual worlds.We can show people what we do in virtual worlds. W can talk them through the download/install viewer process.And walk them through the initial confusion of starting in a virtual world.They will put up with this effort when they know why they are doing it.Are there other people who might want user-built web-worlds?Consultants, life-coaches, tutors, and others whose work is mainly face-to-face talking.These people might use professionally-built web-worlds like  A2Z Galleria But with a little instruction, they could modify a user-built web-world.They can put up web pages and personal paged from Google Docs.They might pay for a prefab office and enough institution to put up posters.Web-worlds don’t need a grid, but user-build features add valueWeb-worlds have a url–an address on the web–they don’t need grid coordinates.But what we call grids in virtual worlds provide many services beyond location.A web-world aggregator can offer many similar services.Cybalounge, for example, provides tools to support building by users.It maintains a shareable inventory of assets.It will probably have ways for users to communicate within the system.Cybalounge aims to develop a service to support user-built web-worlds.That service could develop into a commercial service.RelatedGeneralArticles about web-worlds in this blogBrowser-viewer, progress and possibilities: SummaryToolsNonprofit web-world message board. What can we do with it?Nonprofit web-world up and running. How do I put my project there?Road map to joining web-worlds to OpenSimCybalounge: where you can build your web-worldHow to start building in Cybalounge, a roadmap for beginnersBuilding in Cybalounge, Roadmap 2: Textures, etc.Threejs-Public service web-world by CybaLounge. Virtual worlders, this one is for usHow will web-worlds from OpenSim start? The reception room modelWill I be able to move my OpenSim world to a web-world?Conferences, the web-world versionWeb-worlds as a place for storytellingHow writers could use a web-world. Meet in a minuteA third web-world. Singer Girl markets her music academyWhat can visitors do in a web-world if nobody is there?Conversational spoken English! Or any other languageA2Z GalleriaBuilding in CybaloungeTutorials on building in CybaloungeHow to start building in Cybalounge, a roadmap for beginners Building in Cybalounge, Textures, ColladasBuilding in Cybalounge: Labels and signsNonprofit web-world message board. What can we do with it?Building in Cybalounge: Simple Primitives for your web-worldCybalounge building: Coloring inside the prim linesWeb-worlds: Cybalounge building: location settingsCybalounge Building. Combining primitives-Building in Cybalounge HTML page prim: Put the web in your web-worldCybalounge build: put a video in your web-world-More times when I may be in the nonprofit web worldImaginary use casesDemo web-world for education and presentationsCommunity onboarding for the virtual worlds: Using a web-worldWeb-world general rooms, the Eventorator RoomWeb-world use case: Conversational spoken English! Or other languageConferences, the web-world versionImagining the browser-viewer: wormhole connecting WWW to the virtual worldsBrowser-viewer imaginary use case: EntertainmentViewer in Browser (VIB): Imaginary use case: communitiesVIB (browser-viewer) imaginary use case: Education**********************************************************************************LicenseOriginal text in this blog is CC By: unless specified public domainUse as you please with attribution: link to the original.All images without attribution in this blog are CC0: public domain.*********************************News and NotesHG links– depending on your interests About  educationAbout artDinosaurSailing in virtual worldsAbout VideosSights of the virtual worldsPeople of the virtual worldsAbout business  The incomplete works of Ann Tree PrenyourOutworldz One-Click Hypergrid  (Install your own HG)Binder’s OSWorlds Stats and Status (past week)Google Calendar tutorial (Used for notices of HG events)Hypergrid Tour 2016-01– 167 virtual worldsEvents on the Hypergrid: HYPEventsEntertainment on the Hypergrid, a G+ community   HYPERGRID EVENTS   Hypergrid DestinationsHypergrid-related articles in this blogCommunities in the virtual worldsArcadia Asylum All Around   G+ community: Hypergrid SafariG+ community: Metaverse ToursOpensimworld. 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