2017 WW: PEOPLE: IMA: Community onboarding for the virtual worlds: Using a web-world

Community onboarding for the virtual worlds: Using a web-worldOnboarding is a business concept referring to the things organizations do to get new employees ready to work in the organization.  Communities do some of the same things, so I will grab the same term to talk about what virtual world communities can be doing to bring visitors into their communities and keep them as community members. Onboarding:   Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, is the process through which new employees [or community members] acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders-The concept is usually applied in businesses.  Check out a U.S. city on the web and you will find that the local Chamber of Commerce offers lots of onboarding resources for people considering a move to that city.  The will be descriptions and links to many different amenities: entertainment, education, radio and television stations, libraries.-Think of the process of bringing new people into virtual worlds as a kind of onboarding. The first step in onboarding is effective marketing.  That requires outworld promotion.  That’s why you want to think in terms of communities and people, not just grids.  Virtual worlds are about people. Communities, communication, shared goalsCommunities of the virtual worlds on Google+Marketing by social media communities*******************************************************************(More after the break, scroll down!)********************************************************************** Metaverse events, current and upcomingJournal of Virtual Studies, Vol. 8, No. 2IMA Blog3D web-worlds of the browser (G+ community)Public service web-world by CybaLounge. Virtual worlders, this one is for usOSCC presentation videos availableCRASH! Site, the musical under development by people like usMal Burns: Inworld ReviewTry a browser-based virtual worldSelby’s daily news collection:  Virtual worlds are real   Virtual Outworlding news collection Events on the Hypergrid: HYPEventsEntertainment on the HypergridHYPERGRID EVENTSDestination guide: OpenSimWorldHyperica, Directory of Opensimulator hypergrid destinationsOpensim AAM Virtual PerformersWELCOME TO SEANCHAI LIBRARIESVirtual world G+ communities:  Communities virtual worlds G+MOSES software developmentIn a virtual world, your deodorant never fails.*********************** ***************Communiy onboardingThe outworlders generally have no interest in being on a grid Those who really want to be on a grid are here already.But there are lots of people who want to:Play with or build model railroadsGo to meetings of writersAttend performances of music, comedy, and theaterOwn, sail, or build model boatsBuild and show off buildings and homesGather and show a collection of automobilesTeach or learn a second language in a place where it is spokenTalk to other live peopleCreate and enjoy works of art.And lots more Imagine a gateway on the web to the virtual worldsYou find a web page about something you are interested in.How to create a landing pageYou see a picture with some people involved in what you are interested in.The text says. “Welcome. Come in, join us in our virtual world.”You choose a temporary avatar and a temporary name.You enter (no registration, no password).You find yourself (well, your avatar) standing in that picture you were looking at.You are in little world world with things you are interested in.A sign says arrow keys move you.  A cushion on a chair says “Click me to sit.”While you are looking around, a couple of people drop in.  They introduce themselves, welcome you.They show you around this miniworld and tell of the bigger worlds beyond.They may show you videos or live streams of events in that big world.They offer to talk you through the 5 minute process of starting in that big world.It is just a matter of setting up a gateway on your computer.  Try it outI meet people in a world like this week days at 10-10:30 am Pacific Coast (US) time.I expect to be there almost every week day.  Others will probably be there also.If there are people there, we may stay past 10:30.We will talk in voice and anyone is welcome to drop in.  No registration is required — just pick an avatar, give the name you want use, and click enter.If you don’t see the enter button at the bottom of your screen, go to full screen or shrink the size of your display.To shrink the display in Chrome:click the column of dots, upper right, and use the zoom controls.Articles about web-worlds in this blogVoice works here, at least if you are using the Chrome browser.  Firefox and Edge may not work until they are updated. Our web discussion communityA few words from the YesButtersYes, but there won’t be people there all the time.This is a web page.  We can leave it open and get a notice when people enter.We can also collaborate with other communities.  We can have one web world represent several communities.  We can take turns providing people to monitor it.We can have welcome hours listed for each community.We can have videos available on the same page.  *****************************What is available now, before we have web-worlds?Bringing new people into virtual worlds? Bring them in via Cookie II or use the NMA method on your own siteNMA entry path Community-based entry: Welcome paths for community seekers in OpenSHow to Enter Kitely Virtual Worlds3RG new Welcome Center rework and upgrade. Skills analysis for new people in virtual worlds and for the HGProjectAnn Tree Prenyour comments on a “Hypergrid Chamber of Commerce”How to start in a virtual world, the video: Now see it on your browserVirtual worlds, the myth of the steep learning curveRelatedGeneralArticles about web-worlds in this blogTools for web-worldsNonprofit web-world message board. What can we do with it?Nonprofit web-world up and running. How do I put my project there?Road map to joining web-worlds to OpenSimCybalounge: where you can build your web-worldHow to start building in Cybalounge, a roadmap for beginnersBuilding in Cybalounge, Roadmap 2: Textures, etc.ThreejsUse cases for web-worldsPublic service web-world by CybaLounge. Virtual worlders, this one is for usHow will web-worlds from OpenSim start? The reception room modelWill I be able to move my OpenSim world to a web-world?Conferences, the web-world versionWeb-worlds as a place for storytellingHow writers could use a web-world. Meet in a minuteA third web-world. Singer Girl markets her music academyWhat can visitors do in a web-world if nobody is there?Conversational spoken English! Or any other languageA2Z Galleria**********************************************************************************LicenseOriginal text in this blog is CC By: unless specified public domainUse as you please with attribution: web link to the original.All images without attribution in this blog are CC0: public domain.*********************************News and NotesHG links– depending

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