2018 HG: EDU: How do we replace Google Plus? Preliminary ideas

How do we replace Google plus?  Preliminary ideasWith the projected closing of Google Plus next year. the OpenSim community needs to look for alternatives.  Here is a preliminary review of the possibilities.  Google Plus will close next year.The OpenSim community is exploring replacements.This is a preliminary report on the possibilities.More when things settle down.Three critical needsReplacement connections with people you already knowCommunity-based connections with people who share your interests.Event announcements (time sensitive) Hypergrid business suggestionsExecutive SummaryOur Opensim community has identified promising options.MeWe looks as if it will be a useful tool for internal conversations. A number of us are already using it.Discord has been in active use for months.A number of us have found it useful.These 2 only support internal conversations.  They will not reach the public.When we are talking among ourselves, we are not promoting Opensim.Friendica looks promising pending tests by Hyacynth. Frendica can reach the public and might serve as publicity for grids.I am developing a Friday event page for this blog.The page will report on upcoming events and sources of event news.********************************************More after the break*************************************************Metaverse events, recent and upcomingHYPERGRIDABLE grids open 24/7: Interactive spreadsheet for Hypergridders.Events on the Hypergrid: HYPEventsHypergrid DestinationsIMA Social Web and Virtual World Events, Music, and Meeting CalendarHYPERGRID EVENTSOpenSimWorld EventsEntertainment on the HypergridOpensim AAM Virtual PerformersPromotion for virtual worlds and everything in ’emVORTEX VISIONS: Keepers of the Stone Paperback by Yvonne M DeBandiSelby’s daily events and news collection: Virtual worlds are real Comedy Videos from the virtual worldsWeb-world videosMetaverse places and activitiesList of Social VR/Virtual Worlds by Ryan SchultzSearch this blog with the search bar, upper left.Hypergrid Writer’s CommunityMetaverse Jobs; Job ListingsIMA projects3D WEBSITES A2Z3D web-worlds of the browser (G+ community) Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser. SummaryVirtual Outworlding news collection Destination guide: OpenSimWorldHyperica, Directory of Opensimulator hypergrid destinationsWELCOME TO SEANCHAI LIBRARIESHypergrid-related articles in this blog***********************************************************************************************Replacement connections with people you already knowTarget audience: contacts in OpenSimWe techies can handle this, perhaps with several sitesWell knownDiscord*Skype**Some of us are usingMeWeMeWe*Join Opensim Virtual at MeWe:https://mewe.com/join/opensim_virtual*I am testing#hashtags in MeWeMastodon (decentralized)MastodonOriginally shared by Alan TupperIn light of the announcement that Google Plus will be closing, I’d like to make #Opensim folks aware of Mastodon, an open-source, community-run social platform. Like the Hypergrid, Mastodon is federated, and decentralized. Communities can run their own servers (called instances), and can interact with users on other servers as if they were all part of the same server. I have been using Mastodon for nearly a year now, and highly recommend it to all users of Opensim. You can learn more about Mastodon here: https://joinmastodon.org/FriendicaFriendica Friendica (Wikipedia)Global CommunityLocal community (test node)New member communityby Shelenn AyresAs we all look for the place to go when G+ shuts down, many are looking at multiple solutions. I’ve found and tested one that seems viable: the federated social web which is similar to the Hypergrid. One of the solutions is called Friendica and testing has proven to work well in every aspect so far!Anyone can host a node and interconnect to users on other nodes as well as users on diaspora or mastadon. The federated social web (aka Federation or Fediverse) is a decentralized federated concept similar to the Hypergrid in that no single authority can shut it down. A series of protocols allow connections and view of posts on the social web from any node, pod, or instance (depending on the solution you use). The reasons I favor Friendica:by Shelenn Ayres1) Decentralized distributed federated2) Better than G+ functionally3) Privacy-focused with user controls exceeding G+4) Customizable UI and content layout5) Can connect with users on diaspora and mastadon and gnusocial without needing a separate account6) Transferable profile to other Friendica nodes if I ever want to move7) Ability to host my own Friendica node8) 100% mature open source runs on LAMP stack9) Actively developed and supported10) No single authority11) Share photos, videos, and links12) Resharing includes send to emails 13) Ability to invite others easily14) Fast search capabilitiesImportant for all virtual worlders: integrated event calendar that works and works well (diaspora, mastadon, gnusocial do not have this)The last criterion is the reason I will host a node myself. There are already 2.8 million users in the fediverse aka federation. With Google’s 3.5 million active users with 50 or more posts in the past 30 days, it could easily double in size.I also believe, (because it has compatible open source) it is possible to integrate Friendica technology with various projects like Hyacinth’s HG Search engine, Open Simulator, web-based virtual worlds, and grid web interfaces that serve similar functions. Some discussion is already ongoing on these topics but it works now out of the box as a replacement for G+. Anyone who would like to work with us, let me know.The good thing is, you don’t have to work with us or anyone else to stay connected with each other – because you can host your own for your grid, group, or project. There are also special user types like: community, news, etc where some users may be subscribers and not friends you interact with. You can control who sees what content from you. As +Hyacinth Landry mentioned, everyone can do their own thing but still connect.I chose a place to test that has open registrations but I will launch a node soon. Since my profile is transferable moving is a non-issue. Here is the one I chose to test (you can find me as Shelenn or via [email protected])If you choose a different federated solution (diaspora, mastadon, or gnusocial), we will still be able to connect through Friendica.(For the techies who want to inspect the code or launch their own node, source is here: https://github.com/friendica/friendica/releases)Comments from Hyacynth LandryOriginally shared by Hyacinth LandryHey guys. I know you are busy. As you know, G+ is going poof. There is a lot of time to worry about it. Some other G+’ers and I are putting together a Friendica / Federation site, which is a lot like G+, but decentralized. It is really starting to shape up nice, and maybe will have something to demo for you later. Quite a few people are favoring this option. A lot of others from G+, it seems are looking at MeWe or Discord. Before

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