2018 WW: The road to your horizon, not a lot of compromizin’. Tutorial.

The road to your horizon, not a lot of compromisin’.TurorialExploration of the possibilities of the Cybalounge horizon.  Cybalounge will soon give you some options for the horizon on your location, if you got it recently.  But you have complete control anyway–just put panels of 510×510 near the edge of the land.  Here is a tutorial and some tests on bringing images in from OpenSim.My Kitely poster farmon the horizonClick image to enlargeEvery web-world needs a visual boundaryA simulation of  the outside needs a horizon.That could be mountains, sky, buildings.I thought I would put some OpenSim promotions on the horizon. Taking another step in connecting web-worlds to Cybalounge to OpenSim.Here I tell how to get an image and set it up as horizon.And show some tests with my blog farm on Kitely. ********************************************More after the break*************************************************Metaverse events, recent and upcomingEvents on the Hypergrid: HYPEventsIMA Social 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images 510 x 510 to replace the horizon if you want.The horizon  is only 256 meters away from the center.256 meters is about 840 feet or .16 (1/6) of a mile.About 10 city blocks by a Google estimate based on blocks in eastern US.Only the horizon strip is normally seen.  Import a horizon image into CybaloungeFirst get the picture.  You probably want eye level and from a distance.The picture should be about square. In Firestorm you can make the screen square.Stand your avatar in a convenient place.  Drag the .jpg file onto the screen and drop it.The image will appear where your avatar is standingIt will be a plane one meter square.  Adjust the image to be horizonYou want the image to be 510 meters square.  Don’t reset the dimensions.  That will give you a lot of little images.Reset the scale (X and Y) to 51000.  (Cybalounge measures in centimeters.)How to start building in Cybalounge, a roadmap for beginners Reset the position according to the table below.Adjust the setting on the Y axis (vertical) to put the best strip on the horizon.Settings for user-made horizon panelsClick image to enlarge***********************Some trial horizonsI first tried to make the horizon promote a place ISM Rocket Ring image in CybaloungeISM Rocket Ring in KitelyHG address:grid.kitely.com:8002:ISMuseumPut the HG address in the Find bar of your world map, click Find,TPVisit on the web:International Spaceflight Museum in Kitely (web link)I hope to have some rockets in a Cybalounge mini-museum soon.ISM Rocket Ring as horizonMost rockets are too tall to be seen in normal view.You can see them if you free the camera, but most people won’t do that.  Horizon could only promote things that fit in a horizontal strip.My poster farm on Creative Collaborators in Kitely My Kitely poster farmon the horizonClick image to enlargeThe above shot is  from far back from the center.Image Y axis set to put the land flush with location horizon lineHG address for Creative collaborators:grid.kitely.com:8002:Creative CollaboratorsPut the HG address in the Find bar of your world map, click Find,TPVisit on the web: Creative Collaborators (web link)The poster farm is a sim sized area on my region.The posters display my blog articles and other things about virtual worlds.Shot from too high and too closeI think I would rather promote with a smaller image nearbyI would set it to open my Kitely web page: Creative CollaboratorsWeb senders to open web pagesBetter distance, but too highShot from a viewpoint too highThe distant island is too highAnd farther away would be better.My best shot so farThis is the image before I put it in CybaloungeMy Kitely poster farmon the horizonClick image to enlargeHere is the best image now brought into Cybalounge by drag/drop,adjusted for size and placed on the horizon.How to start building in Cybalounge, a roadmap for beginners It does look a bit like the island next door. But the concept needs more development.I will leave that till another time.  Maybe next month I will be smarter.*********************************************************LicenseOriginal text in this blog is CC By: unless specified public domainUse as you please with attribution: link to the original.All images without attribution in this blog are CC0: public domain.*********************************Drop by my web office Weekdays: 12:-12:30 Central time  (US) Cybalounge.Mondays we focus on learning/library/museums.Fridays we may focus on grants, contracts, business and web-worlds.Don’t register — enter as guest.  If you see no one, click the pointed push-pin (bottom line) to find me.We can also visit 3DWebWorldz, a professionally-built world.  Thinkerer Melville in Second Life, Selby Evans in KitelyA web page you can walk intoTry a browser-based virtual worldCybalounge is ready for virtual worlders to use: Tutorials and suggestionsWeb-worlds are small and run in a browser with nothing else installed.Full virtual worlds are a bigger experience, 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