About Us

Who we are

Quantum Grids aims at being the leading provider of fully managed, top quality VR hosting services. Our customers include private customers, educational institutions and companies.

What we offer

OpenSim Regions in OSGrid, rent land in the biggest OpenSim grid
OpenSim Standalone Regions (“mini grids”) offering maximum privacy
Private OpenSim Grids, if you intend to start your own virtual world
Virtual World Solutions, offered together with our partners

  • Fully managed OpenSim services (software-as-a-service)
  • You do not have to care about server and software management
  • All service management and monitoring is done by us
  • Easy to use, web based control panel for your regions and grids
  • We always provide you the latest stable OpenSim versions
  • Complete set of additional features (voice, money, HyperGrid, etc.)
  • Top quality service by using dedicated and not just virtual servers

You can focus on your virtual world application