Introduction to Open Sim


This is user documentation for OpenSimulator, mainly aimed towards administrators of the system rather than the ultimate end-users who access the environment through a viewer. If you can’t find what you want here you might want to try looking in the Developer Documentation.

For a summary of what features have been implemented in OpenSimulator, please see the Feature Matrix.


  • Download – Download instructions
  • Dependencies – The other packages you need to install that OpenSimulator relies upon
  • Build Instructions – How to build and compile OpenSimulator from source
  • Configuration – How to configure OpenSimulator so you can get the server up and running
  • Configuring Regions – More details on configuring regions in Regions.ini
  • Configuring Simulator Parameters – More details on the structure and configuration simulator parameters after the initial setup.
  • Direct Service Requests – Details on how some requests that are by default handled by the viewer (e.g. GetTexture capability) could instead be handled directly by the service.
  • Shared Services Configuration – An approach for sharing user, asset and inventory services between two otherwise separate grids.
  • Database Settings – Detailed configurations to connect to your database
  • Map – Information on configuring OpenSimulator to serve map tiles.
  • Estate Support – Information about estates in OpenSimulator.
  • Economy – Information (incomplete) on setting up the economy aspects of OpenSimulator (e.g. land sales).
  • UserProfiles – Information on enabling the user profiles support included with OpenSimulator 0.7.6 onwards.
  • Upgrading – How to upgrade your OpenSimulator version so that you can use your existing data
  • Network Settings – NAT, Ports, Services and more.
  • Firewall Settings – Incomplete operating system specific instructions on how to open firewall ports for external OpenSimulator access.
  • Tips – Useful tips from users like you
  • OpenSim Graphics – Graphics that can be used on OpenSimulator websites, viewer login pages or products.
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


User Guide

  • Connecting – How to connect a compatible viewer to OpenSimulator.
  • Glossary – A glossary of terms used in OpenSimulator.

Administrator Guide


  • RemoteAdmin – Using the XMLRPC administration interface for executing commands remotely.
  • AuthIntegration – How to integrate external systems (such as web frontends) with OpenSimulator.
  • UserManipulation – How to create users in OpenSimulator via external calls through ROBUST (only available when running in grid configuration).
  • CABP And Attachments Manipulation – How to change clothing and body parts on offline avatars via ROBUST service calls.
  • Known Web Interfaces within OpenSim – The set of CAPS, XMLRPC, or REST entry points in the project.

Area specific

This is a section for pages that relate to OpenSimulator use in various scenarios (e.g. education, small closed grid, etc.). Currently under development. Please feel free to add areas.

  • Education – Specific OpenSimulator resources and settings for education.

Core Features

  • Feature Matrix – Matrix of features currently implemented by OpenSimulator.
  • Access Control – Controlling user access to OpenSimulator.
  • Attachments – Some information about avatar attachments.
  • Scripting Documentation – Everything you need to know about OpenSimulator scripting, and the list of sample scripts
  • ScriptEngines – Information about OpenSimulator’s script engine.
  • OpenSim Archives – Loading and saving whole region archives with OpenSimulator
  • OpenSimulator Inventory Archives – Loading and saving user inventory items and folders with OpenSimulator
  • NPC – Use of Non Player Characters (NPCs) in OpenSim, also known as bots.
  • Custom Libraries – Describes how to add custom content to your OpenSimulator server
  • IRCBridgeModule – A core OpenSimulator module for integrating IRC with a simulator.
  • Hypergrid – Information about how to configure the experimental hypergrid architecture
  • GridInfo – how to provide information about your grid to smart clients
  • PhysicsEngines — Options for physics engines in OpenSimulator.
  • Media On A Prim – Media on a prim (shared media) functionality in OpenSimulator.
  • Varregion – Support for regions greater (or smaller!) than 256m x 256m. Requires a compatible viewer.
  • Technical Reference – Technical Reference Guide

Optional Features

  • AutoBackup – Module for automatically backing up a region to an OAR regularly using a different filename.
  • Freeswitch Module – Using FreeSWITCH for voice in OpenSimulator.
  • Mumble – Using Mumble/Whisper for voice in OpenSimulator.
  • Enabling Groups – How to enable creating groups in your regions
  • JsonStore Module – Module for storing and sharing structured data among region modules and scripts
  • Offline Instant Messaging – module to store and later replay instant messages received by users that are offline.

Deprecated Features

These are features that should no longer be used if possible and will be dropped in a later release.

  • Setting Up Mega-Regions – Instructions for setting up a mega-region, which is a way of implementing a region that is larger than 256 x 256m by taking advantage of partial functionality in Linden Lab viewers. For a fully OpenSimulator specific solution please see Varregions.


The RealXtend modules for OpenSimulator have not been updated for a long time and should be considered dead. However, this information may be useful for historical purposes.

  • ModRex – How to setup the RealXtend server module
  • RealXtend Viewer Linux – This tutorial describes how to use the RealXtend viewer on Linux, using wine


If you’ve written a tutorial or guide on this wiki or on an external site, then please feel free to add a link here and/or on more specific topic pages.

Platform specific

  • Chapter & Metaverse – Full suite of tutorials, tips and tricks, for the Windows user (Windows) Also very useful for Linux users!



Gforge Projects

  • OpenSimSearch – Search for your OpenSimulator
  • ServerStats – RRD/Proc serverstats using the OpenSimulator module for Berlios Serverstats (Linux)