OpenSim Scripts

Comprehensive list of scripts in the scripting forum.

Last Updated: 09/01/2013

Below is a comprehensive list of most of the scripts in the scripting forum. They were chosen based mainly on usability. Some may not work, some will. no guarantees are given for these and you use at your own risk. Please do be aware that some scripts using OSSL functions may require changes to your OpenSim.ini, and also that some are considered dangerous when used incorrectly. For details about the OSSL threat levels see here: The same applies to C# and MRM scripts; please check out for details on how to enable these functions. New scripts posted on the forums will be added to this list as they are posted.

Please read the full thread with the scripts in as there are often updates to the original script further along in the thread.

Many thanks go out to the people that posted these scripts :)

Animation Override
New Playing Animation Changed Event (AO Stuff)
Animation overrider
Random Animation Script
Slow down avatar walk
Reading animation

LSL, PHP and Ajax meeting chat logger

Dynamic Color Change
Color Change Script
Fade to any color script
Multiprim color changer

Database Systems
Inworld Database System

Simple door script
Basic Door
Sensor door with unknown avatar detection
Window Tint Remote Control
Auto-adjust Sliding door script
Password Door
Slider Door
Slow iris door script
And another Door script.
FSS-Linkable Door System (Simple) New!

Click Prim to send Email

Fun Stuff/Games
Bounce Script
Chatbot script
Pacman game
One-Prim Noughts and Crosses (tic-tac-toe)
Torley Popgun (Watermelon) Script
Improved book script
Lucky Chair Script
Profile text generator
Super awesome fish script
Easy 1-Prim Book & 3-Prim Book

Advanced Sculptie Exporter From Maya (fixed for OpenSim)

Land Editor
Water level script (sim flooding / draining)
Land/Parcel radio changer
Make a 32m cube terrain sculpt in sim
MultiWindlight enviroment New!

Automatic Light
Simple Remote Light and Switch
Broken fluorescent light script

Basic dialog script (menu)

Pointing your nose..
AIML Chatterbot script
NPC Controller Script, IN PROGRESS
NPC Follow Script
NPC Scripts
NPC path
NPC sit New!

Object Communications
Object to object communication
Staff Bell

Particle Generator 01
Video Particles Demonstration
Particle “HoloReader” Book
Multiple particle controller
Particle Snow Flakes for Winter
Let it rain!
Fall is here in full force so… How bout some Leaves?
Fairy Lights
Low Lag Snow(storm)

Prim/Object Inventory
Give All Contents
Give_All_Contents PLUS
Simple Menu Driven Giver System (Scripts +)
Inventory giver
Check Inventory Permissions Script

Prim Size/Position/Rotation/Movement/Appearence
Color/Position Test
Get Position
Change Color and Size on Touch
Change objects appearance over time
Elevator Script
Get Prim Position
Randomly Moving Prim
Rotation Script
Script for a swing…
Start and Stop Spin Script
Geodesic Dome Builder Script
Random prim movement within boundaries
Resizer Script?
Rotating Sky Island New!
Smooth Motion Without Physics, Sample Script New!

Open Group Join Script

Demo rezzer type script
Object rezzer

New temp function (look at)
Detecting Prim Events
Script resetter
Generate an integer from a UUID
Notecard Reader Script
Search and Replace function New!

Simulator Info/Stats
Simulator Stats
Sim Stats
Simulator Version Hover Text (osGetSimulatorVersion)
Sim Crash Logger
OpenSim Version Checker
Sim Stats
GetGridname via script
OS Simulator Version Script
New lag-o-meter script New!

sit scripts
OnePose, the most basic of pose scripts
Zero Lag Poseball Script
MoPose v4.0.8 by Mo Hax, corrected for OpenSim
Pose ScriptPose Script
Sync Poseballs
Multi Animation Sync Poseball (Scene Poseball)
Open script : a “hybrid” poseballs rezzer New!

Play Sound
Loop sound by Touch by Samantha Fuller
Touch & play sound
Multi-Modal Sound System Script
Ambient Sound
Shoutcast – radio controller

A slightly better teleporter
A new teleport script
Crude Teleporter
Full-feature teleporter script
Teleport v2.02 by Pablo Pharmanaut
Simple TP Script
Teleporting to region coordinates with osTeleportAgent
New Teleport Script
In-Grid + Teleportation System Script
[HyperGrid] TelePortal System, Complete (UPDATED NOV.06.09)
OS_Teleport(Touch & Collision) to Single Target Destination
Teleport HUD with Menu
Telepad system

Graffiti board script
Formating for llSetText in Floating Text Scripts

Texture Animation
Animated Texture Smooth Repeats
sdagues timed DynamicTexture on a prim script
Invisipirm script
Changing Picture Frame
The Better Invisibility Script
Texture dropper screen script
Slide Show
HTML2SysColorBestMatch for all your osDraw color needs…
Timed Texture Changer
Texture animation script

Touch ‘Hello’ Script
Listen Switch
Touch Switch
What Face?
4 buttons, 1 prim
Building a “touch screen” prim

Stop animations, hovertext, particles
Lost-Prim Hunter Script
Backup a region in-world
Builders’ Buddy 1.10 for OpenSim
Script Scrubber
Injector Script. Inject Items etc into Linkset Pims
Finding an object from its UUID
Flexi Skirt Script (Looprezz)
Camera Hud OS
Cam Lock Hud
Pipe maker script
Timed delete…
Show when a user is online New!

Get Prim UUID
Avatar UUID Speaker

Train Script Functional
Driveable box-lltakecontrol
Opensimulator Vehicle Scripting with LSL
Vehicles in OS, Resource /Reference information
ODE Car (hovercraft)
LSL Vehicle Script for Flight
Boat Script
Updated Train Script for Nebadon’s original train script
ODE Aircraft Script
Board (fake vehicle) New!

YouTube Player
Video Particles Demonstration

Visitor List/Security/Radars
Visitor List Recorder
Avatar radar
Simple Radar (good for hud)
Visitor List with Emailing Capabilities
Security Orb
Simple security
Deluxe Visitor List
Security System
Region map New!
LogVisitors New!

Request a Website on a prim
Launch a URL from Prim
Website Load on Click!
Website Image on a Prim
Update a twitter feed from a prim
Charts on prims using google chart API
Display web page on a prim
URL Bookmark Script

C# / MRM
List of URLS on a Prim using C#
Graphics Drawing on a prim
Example MRM for HTTPRequest
[MRM] Telehub Script
MRM Example Scripts