Outages plague grids this month; Speculoos returns

OpenSim land area and users rose slightly this month, despite outages and maintenance on several grids.
Atek was down for a while before later resuming, as was Virtuality Grid, while Kinky Grid also went under construction temporarily. Tangle Grid is currently still down for maintenance.
And Gevolution was doing load testing last month, resulting in unusually high active user counts for March — that issue has since been resolved and the numbers are back to normal. As a result of that statistical bump, however, total active user counts are down slightly compared to last month, but are still up when compared to February.
On a positive note, the beloved Belgian grid Speculoos is back after two and a half years. More information below.
Total registered users also continued to rise this month, and, in fact, have hit a high of 593,183. Registered user numbers only go down when grids clear out their databases, or go out of business. For example, the OpenSim community lost more than 70,000 registered users when Avination shut down in 2016, and it took nearly a year for OpenSim to recover.
Altogether, 232 grids reported their statistics this month, also a record high, totaling 37,979 active users and a land area of 84,663 standard region equivalents.
Land area of OpenSim’s public grids, in standard region equivalents. (Hypergrid Business data.)
The greatest gainer of land this month was GreekLife grid with 1,035 new regions followed by OSgrid with 824 regions, Virtual Worlds Grid with an additional 533 regions. Atek Grid gained 272 regions while Discovery Grid added 192 regions.
OSgrid remained the largest grid by land area, with the equivalent of 21,027 regions, followed by Kitely with 17,381, Atek Grid with 7,283 and DigiWorldz with 5,218.
There were no surprise losses in land area this month, except Gevolution that lost a total of 1630 regions. Grid Nirvana lost 100, while Tangle Grid — which is down right now — 73 and ZetaWorlds 71 regions.
InWorldz registered the most new users this month, with 1,476 new signups, followed by Kitely with 1,172.
There are 1,278 grids in our database in total, with 271 being active and 232 reporting statistics this month, up from 203 grids last month.
These stats do not include most of the mini-grids running on the DreamWorld distribution of OpenSim, or private company or school grids. DreamWorld has counted more than 8,483 mini-grids created with this installer alone so far.
OpenSim is a free, open source virtual world platform that’s compatible with the Oculus Rift. It allows people with no technical skills to quickly and cheaply create virtual worlds, and then teleport to other virtual worlds. Those with technical skills can run OpenSim worlds on their own servers for free, while commercial hosting starts at less than $5 a region — compared to $300 a region for the same land in Second Life.
A list of hosting providers is here. Download the recommended Firestorm viewer here. And find out where to get content for your OpenSim world or region here.
You can also add your grid in the stats if it is not being crawled by OutWorldz. OutWorldz also provides OpenSim users with free  mesh items, OARs and free seamless textures that you can download and use on your grids.
When it comes to general-purpose social grids, especially closed grids, the rule of thumb is: the busier, the better. People looking to make new friends look for grids that already have the most users. Merchants looking to sell content will go to the grids with the most potential customers. Event organizers looking for the biggest audience… you get the idea.
Neustadt grid gained 428 active users in the last month, followed by GreekLife with 265, Grid Life with 155, Nextlife World with 149, and Kitely 90 active users to close the top five most active grids of the month. However, the five most popular grids with largest number of active users in total were OSgrid, Metropolis, GreekLife, DigiWorldz and Sacrarium.
Gevolution lost the most active users this month at 1,387, from an unusual spike from last month’s load testing, as mentioned above. Education-focused Eureka World dropped by 568 active users.
Top 25 most popular grids this month:

OSgrid: 4,030 active users (HG hg.osgrid.org:80)
Metropolis: 3,365 active users (HG hypergrid.org:8002)
GreekLife: 2,578 active users (HG hg.grid-greeklife.info:8002)
DigiWorldz: 2,161 active users (HG login.digiworldz.com:8002)
Sacrarium: 1,687 active users (HG sacrarium24.ru:8002)
Kitely: 1,252 active users (HG grid.kitely.com:8002)
Eureka World: 1,192 active users (HG
Gevolution: 862 active users (HG login.gevolutionworld.com:8002)
Lost Paradise: 812 active users (HG lpgrid.com:8002)
Virtual Brasil: 768 active users (HG mundo.virtualbrasil3d.com.br:8002)
Exo-Life: 707 active users (HG hg.exo-life.onl:8032)
Craft World: 677 active users (HG craft-world.org:8002)
Dorena’s World: 674 active users (HG dorenas-world.de:8002)
Eros Resort: 587 active users (HG opensim.bci3d.com:8002)
ZetaWorlds: 563 active users (HG hg.zetaworlds.com:80:Welcome)
Party Destination Grid: 479 active users (HG partydestinationgrid.com:8002)
DreamNation: 477 active users
FrancoGrid: 476 active users (HG hg.francogrid.org:80)
Nextlife World: 469 active users (HG nextlife-world.de:8002)
Littlefield: 458 active users (HG lfgrid.com:8002)
Freedom Grid: 438 active users (HG freedomgrid.world:8002)
Neustadt: 428 active users (HG neustadt.ddns.net:9000)
Dynamic Worldz: 424 active users (HG grid.dynamicworldz.com:8002)
EdMondo: 423 active users (HG slw.indire.it:8002)
Tranquility: 348 active users (HG tranquility-grid.info:8002)

DreamWorld stats
The Hypergrid Business database currently tracks 1,278 grids, of which 271 were active this month and 232 reporting their stats.
OutWorldz has another system for tracking grid counts, and has currently counted a total of 11,274 — up by 33 percent from last month’s tally — Dreamworlds or grids created with the DreamWorld software owned by OutWorldz. The DreamWorld software allows users to easily create and run grids at home as well as to connect to other OpenSim grids.
Out of the 11,274 Dreamworlds, 8,233 are private and 3,041 are hypergridabble.
The details of statistics can be found on Hyperica directory of grids. and the daily summaries here on the OutWorldz website.
Any grid owner can add their grid into the list on the OutWorldz website if OutWorldz is not currently tracking its online status.
Kitely exportables continue to rise
There are currently 11,791 product listings in Kitely Market containing 22,681 product variations, of which 17,694 are sold with the Export permission.
Kitely Market has delivered orders to 261 different OpenSim grids to date.
Exportable products on Kitely continue to increase. (Kitely Market Data.)
Exportable content has been growing at a much faster rate than non-exportables since Kitely turned the hypergrid export

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