Special Meeting of the Membership for September 3rd, 2017

A Special Meeting of the membership (users) of OSgrid has been called for September 3rd, 2017 for 11 AM Grid time to be held at Event Plaza. The purpose of this meeting will be to help organize a special fundraiser to increase the funds in our Paypal account that has gradually been reduced over the past two years. Our goal is to increase the average balance back up to at least $3,000. The current average balance is running between 1,200 and 1,500 right now.
We plan to approach a new type of campaign for this event and wish to get not only those that are willing to help and contribute donations, but also to help us get the word out. The next Saturday Q&A meeting (August 26th) we will welcome your feed back and will share more details and discussions on how we can implement this in the coming month.

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