This week in OpenSim Dev – week ending Saturday 28th May 2011

Hello everybody.  This is a summary of the last week of development in OpenSimulator.  Except where otherwise specified, the changes described here appear only in OpenSimulator’s cutting edge Git ‘master’ branch. Please do not attempt to use code taken directly from ‘master’ in any production environment.  Sometimes this in-development code may not work or may even cause data corruption. If you are not a developer or tester, please treat this summary instead as a preview of what will be coming up in the next release. The latest official release is OpenSimulator (released on May 27th 2011).
The letters and numbers in brackets after some entries tell you the latest git commit to which they apply.
This week in OpenSim ( 58c53c4 – d532619 ).
General news

OpenSimulator was released! This is a minor bug fix release from OpenSimulator 0.7.1, though it also includes code to properly implement inventory links (and hence outfits on viewer 2 and related third party viewers).

Features & bug fixes

Diva implemented Hypergrid friends, lures and instant messaging support. This allows you to make friends or instant message people from any hypergrid connected grid no matter which grid you are on.  It looks like this is already testable but it is still a work in progress, so, as Diva says, be prepared to delete records in your friends database table if things go awry (d532619).
Melanie fixed llGiveInventory() to work if the user is in another simulator or potentially if they are offline.  See Mantis 4429 for more details (24c00ac).
Melanie added preservation of pay prices to object serialization (e398c33).
I added a –noassets option to “save oar” and “save iar” console commands.  This saves an archive without any assets (which forms the vast bulk of the time taken to save and the archive storage requirements).  This is useful in backup scenarios where you know that the assets database is being backed up separately (3270f43).


No news this week.

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