Top OpenSim communities of 2017

One of my top sources of OpenSim-related news this year has been OpenSim Virtual and similar Google Plus communities. Many grids also have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, but I find that Google Plus offers a really convenient way to keep track of what’s going on across the metaverse.
So, for the benefit of people interested in finding out about what’s happening in the grids, and for event organizers and content creators and others looking to raise visibility, here are some places to get started.
Largest multi-grid communities

OpenSim Virtual: 1,973 members
The Adult Metaverse: 1,480 members
OpenSim Everything: 556 members
Content creators of the virtual worlds: 509 members
Hypergrid Safari: 501 members
Hypergrid Events: 470 members
Virtual Destinations: 467 members
Hypergrid & OpenSimulator Stuff: 458 members
OpenSim Collection: 458 members
Metaverse Week in Review: 450 members
Opensim Free Resources: 408 members
Blender for OpenSim: 402 members

Communities that grew the most in 2017

Metaworld News gained 1,272 new members
Virtual Destinations gained 467 new members
Opensim Life Regions gained 123 new members
Opensimulator DreamWorld gained 109 new members
Metaverse Authors gained 103 new members
Hypergrid & OpenSimulator Stuff gained 97 new members
Hypergrid International Expo gained 95 new members
Gloebit on OpenSim gained 76 new members
OpenSim (Japanese) gained 76 new members
Opensim Free Resources gained 72 new members

Largest single grid Google Plus communities, 880 members
Kitely Virtual, 655 members
Metropolis Metaversum, 364 members
DigiWorldz, 309 members
InWorldz, 292 members
Francogrid, 252 members

Largest multi-platform communities

Second Life and other Virtual Worlds: 2,256 members
Metaworld News: 1,272 members
Virtual Identity: 926 members
Arts in Virtual Worlds: 622 members
Virtual World Video: 508 members
Virtual Pedagogy: 478 members
Metaverse Week in Review: 450 members
Free 3D: 447 members
Practical Uses for Virtual Worlds: 432 members
Virtual World Blogs: 425 members

The full list of communities is here.
Other social media grid links:

3rd Life Grid: Facebook
3rd Rock Grid: Facebook, Twitter
Alife Virtual: Facebook
AllCity: Facebook
AnSky: Facebook
Atek Grid: Facebook
AviUnite: Facebook, Twitter
AviWorlds: Facebook, Twitter
Baller Nation: Facebook
Chimerus: Facebook
Craft World: Facebook
DigiWorldz: Facebook, Twitter
Discovery Grid: Facebook
Encore Escape: Facebook, Twitter
Eureka World: Facebook
FrancoGrid: Facebook
Genesis Global Journey: Facebook, Twitter
Genesis MetaVerse: Facebook
Great Canadian Grid: Facebook
GreekLife: Facebook
InWorldz: Facebook, Twitter
Island Oasis: Facebook, Twitter
JokaydiaGrid: Facebook, Twitter
Logicamp: Facebook
Mobius Grid: Facebook, Twitter
My Virtual Community: Facebook
Naras Nook: Facebook, Twitter
Nextlife World: Facebook
OpenSim Life: Facebook, Twitter
OSgrid: Facebook, Twitter
Party Destination Grid: Facebook
Rev World: Facebook, Twitter
Sacrarium: Facebook, Twitter
Tangle Grid: Facebook, Twitter
The Public World: Facebook
Virtual Highway: Facebook, Twitter
Virtual Life Brasil: Facebook, Twitter
Virtual Worlds Grid: Facebook
Virtuality Grid: Facebook, Twitter
ZetaWorlds: Twitter

If there’s a community missing, please email me at [email protected]

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