The Quantum Grids difference!

Lets be honest, this is not new technology. Amazon, Goggle, Apple, IBM and a few others have/use it. They charge money for it, lots of money. And you are helping them build it.

Your propriety information and programming is available to them.  Our Model is different, we build a network for your use, and your use only.

We started developing application years ago under the SaaS model and found we needed a different platform for our needs. These platforms listed above were either too expensive when you scale, or had issues in customization for our needs. As we moved more into AI, we notices too many computing cycles being used by system overhead. We could not control system security. As the Hardware as Service emerge we noticed a better solution is possible. Today it is just a matter of picking your choice of platform and CPUs.  A global computing and processing super computer is available to everyone for monthly rent.

With Quantum Grids we had the platform to build the next level of AI, Virtual humans, search engines, content providers, etc…

You can also develop, test and scale your application to whatever level you want, and we will manage the back end. You own all your work and code.

Here are some of the benefits we found: